"As mothers, our parental, spiritual & personal growth are intertwined. 
To be the peaceful mothers & women we long to be, we must awaken." 
- Jessica Crino



SPIRITUALLY; Are you struggling to find peace or to connect deeply with God? 

PERSONALLY; Do you need support to readjust your mindset, systems & habits in parenting & life? Do you feel there's never enough time?

PARENTALLY; Are you looking for more peaceful ways to connect to, guide & strengthen the relationship with your child?


I am here to help.
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Through our work together, we can:



  • Uncover & work on underlying beliefs getting in the way of you parenting in the way you long to. 
  • Make mental, emotional, physical & spiritual space for a deeper connection with your children.
  • Create systems to help you cultivate the family culture you long for.
  • Learn parenting principles and tools to help strengthen the relationship between you and your child (naturally improving cooperation).
  • Learn parenting principles to help you lovingly & peacefully coach & guide your child. 
  • Empower you! (so you feel like you're ROCKING this parenting gig!)


  • Overhaul your time & life management! We'll put into place systems, routines & rituals to help reduce overwhelm & guilt, giving you time back for what's most important.
  • Uncover & work on unconscious beliefs getting in the way of you having a healthier, more conscious life; physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. 
  • Work on and improve mindset & emotional intelligence.


  • Learn & put into place practices, principles & mindsets to support your spiritual awakening, no matter the stage you are at.
  • Strengthen your connection to God so that it is a felt experience, not a belief alone. 
  • Integrate your spirituality into your life & parenting.


This is a holistic approach to parenting and living; we cannot approach any of the above at its highest level without work on our mind, body, spirit & parenting combined. 

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Dear Mama,

This journey of spiritual, personal and parental awakening is a hard, but rewarding one. 

It’s worth every up, every down, every twist and every turn. 

I can say this with my hand on my heart because from my own journey, I now know and experience that:

  • Deep peace in parenting and in life is available to you.
  • The potential depth of connection between you and your child is immeasurable, and is directly determined by your own inner peace.
  • It is possible to love parenting, feel like you ROCK at it and be that peaceful parent you long to be.
  • It is possible to have a family culture of deep connection, love, trust, respect and honesty.
  • There is a space within you that has access to God's guidance for your parenting. 
  • When you give yourself the gift of growth and awakening, your child benefits immeasurably. 
  • Awakening is the key to a genuinely peaceful parenting and life experience and it is the key to living the family life you dream of.



Let's find that peaceful parent and woman within. Awaken.
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With Love


With Love

Kind Words from Clients


I found Jess to be a wisdom keeper, with the type of intentions that could ‘heal a world’. She’s intuitive, with loving intentions and full of gratitude. She helps you move away from fear. She helps you find your presence and she moved me into a space of love. 

After speaking to Jess I realised I can trust myself as a mother, I am aligned with being a conscious loving mother and I felt a Deep sense of surrender.

Angela Jane, UK 

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