for a deeper connection with your children?

Does it seem impossible to become that patient mother you always dreamed of being, despite all the parenting books?

Do you long for peace, calm and balance as a parent, without the guilt and worry?

Are you searching for that spark you know is missing?












Dear Mama,

I  see you, I feel you, I’ve been there!
I felt guilt and uncertainty daily.
I felt that I could never do enough, never be enough and that someone else had all the answers.

I couldn’t understand that even though I gave absolutely all I had, the connection with my kids wasn’t as deep as I KNEW it could be, it was available in small bursts but I just couldn’t grasp it. 

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find balance or space for myself. I was constantly time and energy poor. The should’s and to-do’s were overwhelming, the ‘what ifs’ plagued me. 

Something was missing, what was I missing?!

I’m here to tell you that you are enough, and in fact, you are all you need, all you’ll ever need to to be the mother to the very children who chose you.

I’ll tell you what else I know to be true...

  • By shedding your fear based limiting beliefs, inner peace and balance in parenting and in life, are always available. 
  • By moving to peace, you will see your children and yourself through the lens of love, rather than the lens of judgement and ‘shoulds’.
  • Instead of berating yourself and feeling guilty for mistakes in your parenting, acceptance, self-compassion and love, are available to and for you.
  • The potential depth of connection between you and your child is immeasurable.


So, how do I know this? This is now my personal reality. 

After years of studying parenting, personal development and spiritual growth in a hope to find that place of peace, I finally put down the books and external ‘how tos’ and went inward.

 Going inward transformed me. 


Let me guide you. Connect you. Support you, to find balance and calm.

Let’s shift you from overwhelm to inner peace. 

Let’s dissolve the guilt and move you to a place of self-compassion, feeling enough and knowing your worth.

… Let’s move to this place so you can experience the even deeper connection available between you and your children. 

It’s time to go inward. Let me be your support, your holding space, a place to gain empowerment.   

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With Love


With Love

Kind Words from Clients


I found Jess to be a wisdom keeper, with the type of intentions that could ‘heal a world’. She’s intuitive, with loving intentions and full of gratitude. She helps you move away from fear. She helps you find your presence and she moved me into a space of love. 

After speaking to Jess I realised I can trust myself as a mother, I am aligned with being a conscious loving mother and I felt a Deep sense of surrender.

Angela Jane, UK 

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